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Yoshi's House


World 1: Grassland.


☆☆☆☆☆ (0/5, not an actual level)

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Next Level:

Journey's Beginning.

Alternate Level:

Toad Invasion

Stage gimmicks:

Vivian's Shop.





Power-Ups & Items:



Demo 6, Demo 6.5, Demo 7.

Yoshi's House is, well, Yoshi's house, and also the first level in Brutal Mario.

Although it looks innocent enough, it is raided by the Mushroom Kingdom army after the Special Zone is completed.

The Level[]

Yoshi's House is made up of a mailbox, a fireplace, a chimney, and a roof made out of trees. The roof just happens to be covered in berries, as well. In the middle, there is a Hint Block which will display a note from Yoshi asking for Mario to stay away from him.

In later demos, there is also a lavender-colored door, leading to one of Vivian's Shops, where Mario can buy various hints and upgrades. Outside of the shop, it didn't change much from SMW. To exit, merely walk offscreen.

Vivian's Shop inventory (later demos only)[]

Shoot two fireballs[]

Allows Mario to have up to two fireballs on screen instead of just one. Costs 200 coins.

Start with 20 lives[]

As getting 100 coins won't give you lives (since they'll be used to buy things at Vivian's shop), this makes it so that you start with 20 lives whenever you load a save file or start a new game, instead of starting with just 5. Costs 200 coins.

Lively Water hint[]

A hint on how to find the secret exit in Lively Water. Costs 2000 coins.

Level Up![]

Raises Mario's level up by one. Will allow him to shoot fireballs faster, deal more damage to bosses and gain longer invincibility time. Costs ??? coins. (it's at 0 in demoOnly1, but you can't afford it)

Graphic and Music Sources[]


The graphics are from Super Mario World.

Vivian's shop uses graphics from Kirby's Dream Course, while Vivian's sprite is from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


The music in Yoshi's House is "Here We Go!" from Super Mario World.

Vivian's shop uses "Holiday in the Village" from Treasure of the Rudras.



Yoshi's House, post Special World.

  • The symbol on Yoshi's mailbox is actually the symbol for Japan's postal service.
  • Its level icon in Demo 6 and 7 looks off, as it is green rather than blue like in the original game. This is due to it being a Layer 2 tile instead of Layer 1, so it can be affected by the change-pallette once the Special World is completed.


Japanese version English version
ヨッシーのいえ (Yoshi no Ie) Yoshi's House