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Warp Star

OW Warp Star.

A Warp Star is a type of transportation in Brutal Mario. Level Warp Stars are common in Kirby Games.

There two different types of Warp Stars: Warp Stars found on the World Map, and ones found in the levels themselves.

Types of Warp Stars[]

World Map[]

Several Warp Stars can be found on the world map. Each Warp Star is hidden in a different world. To find them, the player must find the secret exit leading to them. Each Warp Star will lead to the Star Road.

Once in the Star Road, there will be two different type of stars: active and inactive Warp Stars. An inactive Warp Star will take the player to a level. There will be two different exits:

  • If the player beats the level using the normal exit, the inactive Warp Star will lead to another level.
  • If the player beats the level using the secret exit, the inactive Warp Star will become active.

There are also two other types: The To Be Continued (In the Demo 7) and the Special Warp Star. The To Be Continued Warp Star is an unfinished level in the Demo 7 and the only way to beat it is by hacking. And The Special Warp Star is the only Warp Star that will lead to the Special Zone, it's a level in wich the player has a unlimited star power in the first section, and at the end of the second section is a door that leads to the unfinished Star boss.


They can be found in 2 levels:

In Battleship Halberd, the player will find a Warp Star from the Kirby Series, it will take the player to Meta Knight's Airship.

On Valley Star, there are multiple colored Warp Stars that will take Mario to another part of the level.

There are also some stars that resembles the Warp Star in Athletic Special, but they will block the player's view instead of taking Mario to another part of the level.

Levels That Lead to Warp Stars[]


Leads to

Lively Water

Grassland Star

The Cursed Mansion

Forest Star


Bay Star

Maze Cave 1

Cave Star

Castle Crush

Plains Star

Dedede's Sky Castle

Sky Star

Fort of Ludwig

Snow Star

Dark Castle

Valley Star