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Valley Star
Bowser Star
The end of the Level.

Japanese Name:

クッパのたにのスター / Kuppa no Tani no Suta.


Star Road.

Previous Level:

Snow Star.

Next Level:

Special Warp Star.

Alternate Level:



Mario cannot be small, power-up caps from Super Mario 64 are available. Getting all 100 coins give you the Power Star secret exit.





Power-Ups & Items:

Wing Cap, Metal Cap, Vanish Cap.


Demo 7.5.

Valley Star (クッパのたにのスター / Kuppa no Tani no Suta) is the eight level of the Star Road. It has a secret exit that turns the level into a Warp Star, like most of the levels in the Star Road.

The Level[]

Surprisingly, this is one of the easiest levels in the game. At first it looks like it is a puzzle level, but the warp stars mostly take you only further into the level. There are ! blocks filled with caps from Super Mario 64, but you only need these at the end of the level to fly to the Goal Question Sphere if you don't plan on getting the secret exit.

Secret Exit[]

To get the secret exit, you have to collect all of the 100 coins present in the level, to achieve this, you have to explore each part of the level carefully and use the caps' powers often. Once you get all 100 coins, you get a Power Star in a reference to Super Mario 64.

Yoshi Coins[]

There are no Yoshi Coins in this level.


There are no enemies in this level.


The graphics are from Kirby's Dream Course for the background, and self made for the warp stars and caps.


The custom music used in this level is BGM 40 (60 in demoOnly1): "Iceberg Ocean" from Kirby's Dream Course. While a cap power is active, the music that plays is BGM 41 (79 in demoOnly1): "Cap" from Super Mario 64.