We just Nee more Proof of the existence of demo 9.5. Really do you think we can just believe a bunch of text and text after a bunch of false information and false.

I just don't think pics will do or text. I can see if this was a hack like super Mario world central 2 , but with carol, he could have added anything to the hack.

We need a link so we can be information or a good video. But after a false video we need a link. If no link,I will just call the Demo 9.5 page a fake and ask for it to be taken down. We have no proof.

1. He refused to give a link to the demo which is the only proof of the demo being real. This is the dumbest choice to make.

2. He never post a pic. Strange how the fakes ones have pics while the "real" one don't.

3. Says the special zone aka the other side of star road have 15 levels yet he talk about Yoshi Mansion that replaced special zone.

So no proof until a link or something.