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The Cursed Mansion
The Cursed Mansion
Mario, without the ability to jump.


World 2: Forest.


★★★☆☆ (3/5, Normal)

Previous Level:

Mario the Pyromaniac

Next Level:

Forest Star

Alternate Level:

Aneha Estate

Stage Gimmicks:

Mario must collect the Dragon Coins to regain his abilities.


Beach Koopa, Koopa Troopa


Big Boo

Power-Ups & Items:

Super Mushroom, Feather.


Demo 7.5 / Cheap Demo

The Cursed Mansion is the the third and last hidden stage of World 2. A puzzle level, where Mario has to collect Dragon Coins to be able to use his abilities. This level leads to Forest Star.

Level overview[]

The stage begins with a simple vertical room. You have no abilities other than walking and you cannot access the Big Boo room. Get on the lift in the southeast corner of the room to find the first Dragon Coin, letting you use the Up button.

Go in the nearby door. In the other side, head far right, and you'll find a red Koopa. Kick its shell to hit the block underneath and a vine will pop up. climb it to collect the second Dragon Coin, granting you access to the B button.

Go back to the first room, using the nearby door. Drop down to the door leading to the Big Boo battle, but don't enter it yet. Instead, head left, and you'll drop down to another door, leading to the left half of the second room.

There is a red Beach Koopa. Hit an invisible coin block to help it get under the third Dragon Coin. Use it as a stepping stool to collect it, granting you access to the Y button. Go back to the first room, using another door and drop down back to the Big Boo door.

Use the springboard to hit the ? block, revealing a vine. Use the spring to go back up and collect the fourth Dragon Coin, giving you access to the A button. Finally, go in the Big Boo room and defeat him.

Asset Sources[]


The graphics are the original Ghost House graphics from Super Mario World.


The custom music used in this level is Leonid's Castle from Romancing SaGa 3.

The Big Boo battle uses Go! Go! Kids! from Treasure Hunter G.


  • There is a chance that the title of the stage may be a reference to Noroi no Yakata: Daiichiwa, an old japanese indie PC game that spawned a meme regarding its rather ridiculous death scream (a soundclip of someone screaming "YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH").
  • Due to Carol's obvious fanaticism for SquareSoft RPGs, it is worth noting that the concept of this level (regaining lost abilities), is rather similar to the last dungeon of Final Fantasy VIII, Ultimecia Castle. Only where in this level, Mario had to collect only four Dragon Coins, in FF8's dungeon, Squall and his party had to defeat eight bosses to restore all their abilities. Unlike in this level, you weren't forced to fight all bosses to defeat the final boss, however, defeating them all makes things much easier.

Level Names[]

Version Name
Japanese のろいのやかた (Noroi no Yakata)

The Cursed Mansion

English (TBD)