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The Summit is the seventh world that Mario encounters, and the last world on the over world map.


It's located on the top of a mountain, it has 9 levels, 10 exits, a Fort, a Warp Star and a castle where Ludwig resides.


  1. Northern Resort
  2. Frozen Cave
  3. Gourmet Boo
  4. Warning - Christmas
  5. What Matches a Key?
  6. Mario's Attack
  7. Ludwig's Castle

Secret Levels[]

  1. Four-Color Fort
  2. Mario's Item Theft

Graphics & Music[]

This portion of the overworld uses graphics from the 12000 BC (Antiquity) map from Chrono Trigger. The entrance to World 8 uses the overworld graphic of the KAOS Kore from Donkey Kong Country 3

The music playing in the World 8 map is "Aurora" from Romancing SaGa 3.