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The Star World is a Bonus World and the first bonus world of Brutal Mario.


To access the Star World, the player must unlock a Warp Star. Excluding Luigi's World, each main world has a warp star. They are unlocked through a secret exit.

The Star World is in the shape of an X (or of a eight point star in the Overworld Demo and onwards). There are eight levels, each based on a different world. These levels are different from normal levels; they are inactive warp stars. Here's how they work:

  • Normal Exit: Unlocks the next inactive warp star.
  • Secret Exit: Becomes an active warp star (NOTE: When an inactive warp star becomes active, it is no longer playable).


  1. Super_Kitiku_Mario_Full_Walkthrough_Star_World

    Super Kitiku Mario Full Walkthrough Star World

    A complete walkthrough of the Star World.

    Grassland Star
  2. Forest Star
  3. Bay Star
  4. Cave Star
  5. Plains Star
  6. Sky Star
  7. Snow Star
  8. Valley Star
  9. Special Warp Star

Scrapped Levels[]

  1. TO BE CONTINUED (Only in Demo 6.5 and Demo 7, as Bowser's Valley Star and Special Warp Star weren't finished at the time)