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Squawks Ride
Squawks Ride
Squawks defeats a Zinger.


World 4: Cave


★★★☆☆ (3/5, Normal)

Secret Exit?:


Previous Level:

Haunt-idiot Mansion

Next Level:

Maze Cave 1

Stage Gimmick:

Mario rides Squawks during this stage.


Zinger, Muncher.

Power-Ups & Items:

Super Mushroom, Fire Flower


Demo 6, Demo 6.5, Demo 7

Squawks Ride is the fourth level of World 4. The level after Skull Ride or Four-Room House, a vertical cave level featuring Squawks.

This level has no secret exit.

Level overview[]

Simply put, this is a vertical cave level revolving around Squawks and the Zinger enemies. Not a very complex level.

At the beginning you'll be standing next to a group of coins, shaped like a B. Pressing the B button will make Squawks flap his wings, allowing Mario to rise slightly in the air. Move to the left, following the path and dodging the Zinger.

Be cautious amongst the Munchers. Try to avoid touching them in any context, as they will damage Mario, making him lose either his power-up, if large, or a life, if small.

A group of coins, shaped like a giant R, will let the player know to press the R button. Pressing it makes Squawks regurgitate eggs, knocking out the Zingers if they come in contact with it.

Follow the path, knocking out any Zingers you find. At the first fork, go in the bottom path. Proceed onward and you'll come to a room full of Munchers. Navigate your way through the Munchers in order to reach the bottom and find a pipe.

The goal is right beyond the pipe.

Dragon Coins[]

  1. In the first screen of the level, head right. You'll find it floating in the air.
  2. Found below the second ? Block.
  3. In the first fork, knock out the Zinger in the left path with an egg, and head to the small room behind it. Alternately, enter it from the bottom by following the bottom path.
  4. When you come to the Muncher filled room, stick to the top-right portion of it.
  5. After getting Coin number four, stay on the left side of the room.

Asset Sources[]


Squawks Ride uses the foreground graphics from Crystal Snail's stage in Mega Man X2 and the ice background from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest.

Squawks' sprites and the Zingers are from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest as well.


Field of Gale from Ys V: Lost Kefin, Kingdom of Sand plays through the entire stage.


  • The level's Japanese name is a reference to Bramble Scramble from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, the third stage of Krazy Kremland, and the second bramble stage.

Level Names[]

Version Name
Japanese スコークスライド (Sukokusu Raido)

Squawks Ride

English (TBD)