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Snow Star
Snow Star

Japanese Name:

せつげんのスター / Setsugen no Suta / Snowfield Star


Star Road.

Previous Level:

Sky Star.

Next Level:

Valley Star (Demo 7.5),

To Be Continued (Demos 6.5 and 7).

Alternate Level:



Clapper the Seal can freeze the water so Mario can walk on it / Santa drops presents that blow up to kill Mario.


Santa, Koopa Troopa, Ptooie, Penguin.



Power-Ups & Items:

Mushroom, Cape Feather.


Demo 7.5 / Cheep Demo.

Snow Star (せつげんのスター / Setsugen no Suta. Lit: Snowfield Star) is the seventh level in the Star Road. It has a secret exit that turns the level into a Warp Star, like most of the Star Road levels.

The Level[]

Demo 6[]

In the Demo 6, the level is unfinished and takes the player to an inescapable Bonus Game, and it was replaced in the Demo 6.5. There, Mario cannot move anywhere, and after a moment, a text box will appear and the player will be warped to the Bonus Game.

Demo 6.5 - 7[]

In the Demos 6.5 and 7, it was a cave level with water, you just have to keep swimming forward. You'll eventually see Clapper the Seal from Donkey Kong Country 2, if you jump on it, the water will freeze, this doesn't affect the enemies underwater though, and the water won't be like that for long.

Secret Exit[]

To find the secret exit, you have to get a P-Switch underwater and press it were there is a Clapper trapped above some brown blocks, once you do that, jump on it and quickly go forward and enter a Warp Pipe before the water unfreezes, then you will find a key and a keyhole.

Demo 7.5 Onwards[]

In the Demo 7.5, the level was entirely remade, now you have to avoid the presents that Santa throws and keep going forward. On the second section, there are three blocks with rapidly changing items, they are: A Baby Yoshi egg, a Bob-Omb, a ? Goal Point, A Cape Feather and a 1-Up Mushroom, you have to get a match of 3 ? Goal Points on the blocks to beat the level.

Secret Exit[]

To get the secret exit, you have to get a match of 3 Bob-Ombs, when you do that, Santa will drop a big Bob-Omb, when it blows up, the key and the keyhole are revealed.


Demo 6.5 - 7[]

  • Zinger
  • Rip Van Fish
  • Porcu Puffer
  • Urchin

Demo 7.5 Onwards[]

  • Santa
  • Koopa Troopa
  • Ptooie
  • Penguin


Demo 6.5 - 7[]

The level uses graphics Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest for the background and for Clapper, from Mega Man X2 for the foreground and from Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario World for the enemies.

Demo 7.5 Onwards[]

This level uses graphics from Romancing SaGa 3 for the background, from Pop'n Twinbee: Rainbow Bell Adventures for the foreground and from Super Mario WorldSuper Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island and custom-drawn for the enemies.


The custom music used in this level is BGM 54 (doesn't exist in demoOnly1): "Jingle Bells" from James Lord Pierpont.