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This page describes a Brutal Mario hoax. This information should not be considered official.

Brutal Mario Super Kitiku Mario NEW DEMO Test your Skill (Part one)


Brutal Mario Super Kitiku Mario NEW DEMO Test your Skill (Part two)

The Skill and the restL demos are fake demos made by whodidyouthinkitwas / theguywhodoesnothing , saying that he was working with Carol, but he was actually making the demos himself, trying to finish the game.

Skill Demo[]

The demo contains a very long level named "Test your Skills". The level is divided in Castle, Underground and Ghost House, and a starting underwater section.

restL Demo[]

This demo contains the rest of the Luigi's World's levels. The levels are: Hot Head Bop, Night Blindness and SFC Tower of Pain. The demo has new sprites, new musics, new Status Bar, and VWF Dialogues.

restL Demo's Levels[]

  1. Super_Kitiku_Mario_(Level_Test)_-_Hot_Head_Hop

    Super Kitiku Mario (Level Test) - Hot Head Hop

    Hot Head Bop
  2. Night Blindness
  3. SFC Tower of Pain