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This page describes a Brutal Mario hoax. This information should not be considered official.

Okay, I have some news on Brutal Mario. First off, i'm done beta testing, for now. In about 2-3 months from now, i'll re-continue my testing, by that time I will most likely have another version to test. Second, this will be the update hub for, as the title says, Brutal Mario's current and later states. There will be a section in this... section, where I will write what i'm allowed to, update-wise, from Carol. There's also going to be another section in this section, where you guys, the community, can write what you find and if there are any current updates for the game, at least for the public.

I will also answer questions.

Current/later states (Beta)[]

  • The time gap for Brutal Mario's release was originally 2015-2020, it is now 2015-2017.
  • Currently, all testing has stopped until a new testing version is released which will likely be released at the end of summer.
  • The percentage of Brutal Mario's completion is unknown as of now, once the new testing version is released, we shall know again.
  • The percent meter (in-game meter, not current state percentage as the bullet point above says) you guys, the community, found does indeed track how much of the game you've (the player) completed and is found, Super-Metroid style, when you beat the game. It seems obvious, but what the community didn't know is that once you 100% the game, you get the alternate world colors. This is exactly like the GBA version of Super Mario World rather than the SNES version. On the SNES, you only had to beat the Special World levels to get the alternate colors, but on the GBA, you had to complete every level and get every secret exit to get the alternate colors.

Community/public updates found/received currently or later[]

Simply contact me through this account if you want me to put anything here.