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Roy Koopa
Roy the Crafty
Mario squaring off against the sunglass- wearing Koopaling




Roy's Castle


Super Mario Bros. 3

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Koopa Bros.

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5/10 (normal)

Roy Koopa is one of the seven Koopalings that is fought in Roy's Castle. He is the 31st boss fought in the game.


Roy originates from SMB3 along with the other six Koopalings. Of the seven he is the strongest and makes himself out the coolest, sporting a pair of sunglasses.

In Battle[]

This battle, while not too hard, can be confusing. The room is structured as a maze. Roy will throw his wig and wants you to retrieve it for him. While that's happening, the whole room is white, and Roy constantly spews fireballs at Mario. With each hit Roy moves to another section of the maze, and the procedure repeats.


Before you can hurt Roy, you must find his wig. After that, purple blocks will spawn and you can strike him with some. What makes this fight harder is that while trying to find the wig, the whole screen is white, making it difficult to see where you are going.

Three hits to the cool Koopaling and he'll run off.


  • Roy and five others run away after you beat them, forshadowing the Seven Koopalings fusion.
  • Roy wear a wig to cover his bald spot, and when it is revealed, it reflects light, --tbc