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Really Big Jump
Really Big Jump

Japanese Name:

トカゲもおだてりゃそらをとぶ (Tokage mo odaterya sora o tobu. lit If You Flatter A Lizard It'll Fly in the Sky).



Previous Level:

Careful! Lightning!

Next Level:

Twin Lifts.

Alternate Level:



Yoshi always has wings.


Muncher, Zinger, Fuzzy, Chainsaw.



Power-Ups & Itens:

Cape Feather.


Demo 6, Demo 6.5, Demo 7.

Really Big Jump (トカゲもおだてりゃそらをとぶ Tokage mo odaterya sora o tobu, lit. If You Flatter A Lizard It'll Fly in the Sky) is the fourth level of World 6. A sky level, this is the level after Warning! Lightning!.

It has a secret exit that leads to Koindozer Forest.

The Level[]

You start at a Yoshi with wings, all you have to do is go forward while evading the Zingers, Fuzzies and the Chainsaws, the Yoshi protects Mario from the Munchers on the ground.

Near halfway of the level, the screen will start autoscrolling.

Secret Exit[]

At the end, near the goal, you will find a hole. If you jump into it, you will fall... for a pretty long time (hence the level name). After the fall, you will find the secret exit. Now you're in the Grassland and a pipe will appear leading to Koindozer Forest.

Dragon Coins[]

Dragon Coin 1[]

Right at the start, very hard to miss.

Dragon Coin 2[]

Before the autoscroll begins, a screen away from Dragon Coin 1.

Dragon Coin 3[]

At the beginning of the appearance of the chainsaw in this level.

Dragon Coin 4[]

A little farther than the previous dragon coin.

Dragon Coin 5[]

Right before the goal.


  • Muncher
  • Zinger
  • Fuzzy
  • Chainsaw


The level uses graphics from the Simba's Destiny stage of The Lion King for the background, from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island for the foreground and from Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country 2 for the enemies.


The custom music used in this level is BGM 43 (59 in demoOnly1): ""From Throughout The Level"" from -Insert Game Name Here-.


In the first part of really big jump, Mario is in the sky. Then, Mario lands in a grassy area. This is implying that Mario just jump from the Sky all the way down to the Grassland.