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Appears in

Battleship Halberd

Previous boss

Demon wall

Next boss

Meta Knight

Originated from

Kirby Super Star


1/10 (Very Easy)

The Reactor is the 37th boss in Brutal Mario World, which appears in Battleship Halberd as the first of three bosses. The weak point is the bipyramid (see the picture [If anyone can add a good picture of the boss that'd be great]).


The Reactor , originating from Kirby Super Star, acts as the main power plant for the Halberd. The Reactor is invincible unless it shoots himself, via it's own laser gun.

In Battle:[]

The Reactor has two attacks :

  • Slightly evelate a platform below you and then fire a laser at you.
  • Elevate a platform to the bipyramid's height and then shoot a laserball at you.

To damage the boss, wait on the platform until the laserball is shot. Then let yourself fall of the platform, the laserball will now bounce off the wall behind you and redirect to the bipyramid. Do this several times until the boss' health is gone.