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Poppy Bros. Jr.
Poppy Bros. Jr. Artwork
Kirby Super Star Ultra artwork
First Game Kirby's Dream Land (1992)
Homeland Dream Land
Origin Kirby's Dream Land
Attack(s) Throwing bombs into Mario/Luigi's direction
Defeated by Jumping on it

 Poppy Bros. Jr. (also known as Poppy Bro. Jr.) is a common enemy in the Kirby series. He is usually seen hopping back and forth around a stage throwing Bomb-ombs at Mario/Luigi. His appearance is based off that of a jester.


Poppy Bros Jr.

Poppy Bros. Jr. resembles an elf with a wide smile and a (somewhat) humanoid appearance with a distinct head and torso.

However, it has no arms and its hands float independently from its body appearing only when needed.

They wear a (usually) blue floppy hat with a white pom-pom on the end and white trimming around the rim of the hat. Their clothes are the same color as their hat and have two yellow buttons on them. They also wear yellow pointed shoes in most of their appearances. Like most Kirby enemies, they may also appear with a different color scheme.


Kirby series[]

Brutal Mario[]

In Brutal Mario, they have yellow clothing with pink trim. They return in Dedede's Sky Castle with some of the same tactics, along with some new ones. There is only one kind of this enemy: The bomb-throwing ones. The bomb-throwing ones, obviously, throw a bomb at Mario/Luigi.