Level Name
Night Galaxy Train

Japanese Name:

ぎんがてつどのよる / Ginga Tetsudo no Yoru: Night on the Galactic Railroad



Previous Level:

Abode of Larry.

Next Level:

Chomp Chomp Panic 2.

Alternate Level:



Mario rides in a small train that will occasionally slice its parts off, one by one.


Fuzzy, Super Koopa, Grinder, Mine.



Power-Ups & Items:

Cape Feather.


Demo 6, Demo 6.5, Demo 7.

Night Galaxy Train (ぎんがてつどのよる / Ginga tetsudo no yoru. Lit: Night on the Galactic Railroad) is the first level of World 6. A sky level, this is the level after Abode of Larry.

The level has no secret exit.

The LevelEdit

This level focuses on avoiding enemies, staying on top of the train, and having fun. The train leads to the end of the level. As you progress the level, the train cars begin to detach, one by one. The train also goes up and down depending on what point are you in the level.

Warning: the background spins rapidly, which can cause dizziness. 

Dragon CoinsEdit

There are no Dragon Coins in this level.


  1. Fuzzy
  2. Super Koopa
  3. Grinder
  4. Mine


The tracks seem to be custom made (based on the tracks from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest), the train sprites are from ?? and the background is the background of Milky Way Wishes' map screen from Kirby Super Star.


The custom music used through this level is BGM 43 (59 in demoOnly1) "Aboard the Hilda Garde" from Final Fantasy IX.