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Naval Piranha
Naval Piranha
The Beginning of the Battle.




Finish! Bowser Keep.


Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.

Previous Boss:

Giant Mechakoopa.

Next Boss:



3/10 (easy)

The Naval Piranha is a boss that appears in Finish! Bowser Keep. It's the 50° boss fought in the game.


The Naval Piranha is originally from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, and is fought as a boss in said game too. But he appeared in water, and had a bandaged belly button with a "X" band-aid, which was its weak point. To defeat it, Yoshi had to throw an egg on the weak point three times, and it would be defeated. He can also throw an egg at the normal Piranha without activating the scene in which Kamek transforms the Piranha into the Naval Piranha

In Battle[]

First, there seems to be nothing, then, the Naval Piranha will show up from the right bottom of the screen, afterwards it will start spitting Nipper Spores, creating Nipper Plants that will hurt Mario if he touches one, after a few seconds it will go forward to try to hit Mario, he will either keep going 'till he hits the screen side or will stop and go back to where it was. The Naval Piranha can also use its Naval Buds to attack Mario.


To defeat this boss, you must wait for the Piranha to hit the screen side, he will be immobilized for a short amount of time, then you have to jump on it to deal damage. Do this three times and the boss will be defeated.