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Mushroom Kingdom Redemption it’s a is a fan game inspired by Brutal Mario which is being developed by Theonesuperx and his team, which aims to improve upon several levels and boss fights seen in Brutal Mario. It is a Hello Engine 6 powered game being developed in Gamemaker: Studio 1.3 and (primarily) 1.4.


The story starts off with Mario waking up in a unknown land. Mario is confused because he is supposed to be at the Mushroom Kingdom, and tasting Peach's tasty cake. Suddenly, Mario runs into a boo with a tie and a sort of sad face.The boo tells Mario that the Mushroom Kingdom no longer needs or wants him. The boo will also tell Mario that he is in the Subspace Realm, the realm connect to all worlds. Mario will ignore the boo, thinking he is working for Bowser and look for a way back to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Later on, Mario will met Princess Zelda, who is also traveling though the Subspace Realm. She will tell Mario that her Kingdom has been taken over by a strange force that she does not recognize. Suddenly the dark, violent force attacks her, and she appeared in the Subspace Realm, unconscious. She now wants to return to her Kingdom to stop the force and save Link who has been consumed by the dark Force. But before Mario and Zelda enter Hyrule, they ran into the Happy Mask Sales Man in an old small temple who will explain everything to Mario and Zelda.

The Happy Mask Sales Man will tell Mario that the world is cursed again by the "Dark Forbidden Ones" who were sealed away a thousands years ago along with the "Dark One". But somehow, the "Dark Forbidden Ones" were able to break away from their demise and cause terror again. The Happy Mask Sales Man will tell them that they must be stopped before they consume the entire world in darkness.They can only be stop by defeating all Demon leaders and collecting all Light Orbs to truly defeat them. Also, the Happy Mask Sales Man tells them to get ready to team up with more heroes in the future and to battle the worst enemies..So, from here, the journey truly starts.


The Game will have 13 worlds and the overworld will be called Subspace Realm, Mario won't be the only playable character. The game will continue with Princess Peach, Luigi and 7 Koopalings battle and here will also be a villain group and a hero group. The villain group will have 13 villains. The game will be in English and probably will have a Portuguese language version.


Name Description
Mario League of Heroes

Mario is the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and the main protagonist of his series.

Link League of Heroes

Hero of Hyrule, Link is a skilled weapon wielder, clever thinker, and has a heroic heart, yet can't talk.

Yoshi League of Heroes

Yoshi is Mario's best friend who eats enemies, lays them into eggs, and throws those eggs.

Samus League of Heroes

Samus Aran is an intergalactic bounty hunter with numerous weapons who somehow gets dragged into this adventure.

Ashley League of Heroes

-Info to be added-

Zelda League of Heroes

Zelda must claim her kingdom back by the dark force! She can use light arrows and transform into Sheik by finding pieces of the Triforce shards.

Shadow Independent

An experiment created by Dr. Gerald Robotnick. Shadow the Hedgehog is searching for the chaos Emeralds.Perhaps the Darkness wants the Chaos Emeralds for something.

Wario Independent

-Info to be added-

Meta Knight Independent

Rival of Kirby, Meta Knight is a Star Warrior who plays several roles within the Kirby series. A skilled swordsman.

Bowser League of Villains

Bowser will join the League of Villains, hoping he could find the dark "treasure" which will grant him great powers. He would then hope the powers would be great enough to defeat Mario once and for all.

Porky League of Villains

-Info to be added-

Ganondorf League of Villains

-Info to be added-

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