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Morton Koopa Jr.
Morton the Neat
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Morton the NEET


Super Mario Bros. 3

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4/10 (kinda easy)

Morton Koopa Jr. is the second boss fought in Morton the NEET. He is the second Koopaling and the sixth boss fought in the game.


Morton Koopa Jr. Is one of the seven Koopalings from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario WorldHe is a rather grouchy Koopaling, and much like Roy, he prefers to use brawn over brains.

In Battle[]

In the battle, Mario pursues a red dolphin-riding Morton on a skull raft. In an attempt to push Mario into the lava, Morton will do the following attacks:

  • Shoot flames
  • Throw Bob-Ombs
  • Throw footballs

Halfway through, the chase will speed up. Morton can also cause a mini quake, stunning Mario if he's on the raft.


As long as the player can stay on the raft, they'll succeed in the battle. At some point, Morton will try to throw a Bob-omb but instead it'll blow up in his hand, ending the battle.


  • Morton Koopa Jr, along with Larry Koopa are the only Koopalings that don't escape after Mario defeats them.