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Mirror Fort
Super Mario World 00008
Mario faces off against a Dry Bones in this bizarre dungeon.


World 4: Cave


★★★☆☆ (3/5, Normal)

Secret Exit?:

Yes, to Maze Cave 2

Previous Level

Haunt-idiot Mansion

Next Level

Red Switch Palace

Stage Gimmick:

Mario's controls are reversed.


Dry Bones, Koopa Paratroopa, Thwomp, Falling Spike, Bullet Bill, Podoboo, Thwimp, Bony Beetle, Ball 'n' Chain



Power-Ups & Items

Super Mushroom, Feather


Demo 6, Demo 6.5, Demo 7

Mirror Fort is the first secret level of World 4, accessed by defeating the Big Boo at Haunt-idiot Mansion. A strange fortress, where Mario's controls are reversed.

This level has a secret exit, said exit being the first one leading to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Level overview[]

In this level, Mario's x-axis controls have been swapped. In other words, right on the D-pad moves him left, and vice versa. To make things less hectic, the level design of this stage is a lot simpler than usual.

Simply make your way to the right, jumping as necessary. Get on the lift, being careful not to fall off or get hit by anything, you'll soon come to the midpoint and the door.

Proceed right, climbing on to the wire mesh along the way, and you'll come to another door. In this next room, conveyor belts are introduced. Just follow the path, being careful not to fall off from any belt. You'll come to the boss' door shortly.

Secret Exit[]

During the Boom-Boom battle, you can see a gap in the ceiling. Use the cape to fly towards it. Make sure to hold up as you do, as there is a pipe in that gap.

On the other side you'll have to fly. Flying with reversed controls is a bit tough, but just follow the coins and you'll come to the key shortly enough.

Dragon Coins[]

All Dragon Coins appear next to the boss door.

Asset Sources[]


This stage uses the fortress foreground from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, the cave background from Cho Genjin 2 (or Super Bonk 2), and the conveyor belts from the All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3.

Boom-Boom's graphics are from the All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros. 3.


Aid from Legend of Mana plays throughout the level, except in the Boom Boom battle, where Irwin on Reflection, also from Legend of Mana, plays instead.

Level Names[]

Version Name
Japanese カガミのとりで (Kagami no toride)

Mirror Fort

English (TBD)