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Mirage Palace
Mirage Palace
Mario and a Upside Down Jumping Piranha.

Japanese Name:

ミラージュパレス / Mirāju Paresu.


Bowser's Valley.

Previous Level:

Hall of Dragons.

Next Level:

Finish! Bowser Keep.

Alternate Level:



Podobos can blow up, Bob-Ombs are faster, Fake Doors that make two Bob-Ombs appear arround you, Fire Piranha Plant spits many fireballs before going back at the pipe, Chain Chomps can release themselves after the battle with Gorva, a ? Goal Point that runs away from you, Mushrooms can turn into Poison Mushrooms and 1-Up Mushrooms, Mario has a invincible form after battling Dark Lich, a rising door.


Podobo, Dry Bones, Bob-Omb, Long Piranha Plant, Fire Piranha Plant, Upside Down Jumping Plant, Chain Chomp, Sun, Boo.


Gorva, Dark Lich, Lady Bow.

Power-Ups & Items:

Mushroom, Fire Flower, Cape Feather.


Demo 7.5 / Cheep Demo.

Mirage Palace (ミラージュパレス / Mirāju Paresu) is the fifth level in Bowser's Valley, and the last level before Finish! Bowser Keep.


This is a fairly difficult level, so much so because of the many illusions it projects. Some illusions include exploding podoboos, upside down piranha plants, chain chomps that break from their lease. There's a room full of treasures, only to be a mere mirage. Another room seems to be an endless circle (start running up the wall, then make a jump roughly halfway).

You will find a passage made up of fire and boos, but it is impossible to reach the end of that UNLESS your soul is taken by Dark Lich.


Dark Lich, the master of the Palace

01-Kitiku mario (Demo 7.5

Mario talking with lady bow


Smw Custom Boss - Lady Bow-1