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Milky Way Wishes
Milky Way Wishes 2
Mario, at Milky Way Wishes, flying with the Yoshi, including wings.

Japanese Name:

ぎんがにねがいを (Ginga ni Negai wo)


Special Zone.

Previows Level:

Baby Yoshi Hill.

Next Level:

End of Special Zone.

Alternate Level:



Yoshi always has the abilities that a Disco Shell gives.




Nova, Marx, Marx Kirby.

Power-Ups & Itens:

Cape Feather.


Cheep Demo / Demo 7.5.

Milky Way Wishes is the third (?) Level in the Special Zone.


Demo 6[]

In Demo 6, Mario starts in a small starship that can shoot small stars to defeat the enemies, and there is a special kind of mushroom that makes Mario's shots bigger.

The first boss is pretty similar to Nova's Heart in Kirby Superstar, and the second boss a prototype of the Marx boss.

The Marx boss's prototype was scrapped in the Demo 7.

Demo 7.5 Onwards[]

In demo 7.5, the whole level was remade. Mario starts in a special kind of Yoshi that has the ability to do everything that a normal Yoshi with a Disco Shell in the mouth: he can fly and make the ground shake when he touches the ground, and he can shoot a unlimited amount of fireballs.

The first boss is Nova from the Kirby series. Afterwards, Mario seemingly beats the level, but the Goal Point Question Sphere is fake and Marx takes Mario to a battle.

When Marx is beaten, Kirby appears and swallows Marx and then you have to battle Marx Kirby.


All the graphics are from Kirby Superstar.


The custom music used through the level is BGM 43 (59 in demoOnly1): "Aboard the Hilda Garde" from Final Fantasy IX


Demo 6[]

Demo 7.5 Onwards[]