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The Middle Path is the final pathway leading to Luigi's Castle.

None of the levels on the Middle Path are finished.


Middle Path

The Middle Path is in the middle of Luigi's World. The Path consists of three normal, unfinished levels, Luigi's Castle, and the level were you would fight Luigi (Final Battle), the game's final boss. Although you can enter the World on the Middle Path once you've beaten the Special World (via a Warp Pipe in World 1), you first need to beat three side levels of the Luigi World in order to actually gain access to the three levels, who in turn give access to Luigi's Castle. The three side levels are unlocked by finding the secret exits in the levels Mirror Fort, Really Big Jump, and Bowser's Castle.

The side levels are Maze Cave 2, Koindozer Forest, and Rainstorm Lake.

The levels on the Middle Path[]

It is completely unknown what Carol wanted to do with the levels on the Middle Path. There are no incomplete beta levels for it, so Carol never started working on them. The only things known are that after beating the three normal levels, Luigi's Castle would be unlocked, and that after beating the Castle, the final boss level would be unlocked (the final battle would be a seperate level). Each beaten side level (these levels are finished) would unlock one of the three Middle Path levels.

Level Names[]

  1. でんきをとめられた / Denki o Tomerareta / Electricity Was Cut Off / End of Life Story.
  3. てとあつ ぬそつしえ ィ / Tetoatsu Nusotsushie ~i.
  4. ルイジキャッスル / Ruiji Kyassuru / Luigi's Castle.
  5. さいごのたたかい / Saigo no Tatakai / Final AttackFinal Battle.