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Meta Knight
Mario engages Meta Knight in battle.


Boss's Number


Battleship Halberd


Kirby Super Star

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5/10 (normal)

Meta Knight is a boss that appears in Battleship Halberd. It is the second Dark Guardian fought, and is the (#) boss fought in the game.


Meta Knight is a star warrior, much like Kirby, and is either good or evil, varying upon the game.

In Battle[]

Meta Knight has a variety of different attacks:

  • Shoots a sword projectile in Mario's direction
  • Jumps up into the air, and strikes down at Mario
  • Surrounds himself in a mini tornado and hovers towards Mario
  • Jumps in the air and does a spin-sword attack
  • Jumps offscreen, only too dive towards Mario twice
  • Charges his sword for some seconds, then unleashes a massive tornado towards Mario


Rather than have a choice, Mario is given a sword to fight Meta Knight. Pressing Y slashes the sword forward. When hitting Meta Knight, hitting him from behind does 5 damage, and hitting him in the front only does 1. If you're lucky, you can kill him in only 20 hits.

Also, when he is charging his tornado, quickly jump to the other side of him, as this attack is unavoidable once he unleashes it.

After the Battle[]

Once you defeat Meta Knight, you must escape the crumbling Halberd via a rogue Wheelie. In attempts to stop you, Meta Knight will dive towards you, Make sure to have some nicely timed jumps!


This entire sequence is a carbon copy from the original fight in Kirby Super Star.