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Maze Cave 1
4 - 7


World 4: Cave.


★★★☆☆ (3/5, Normal)

Secret Exit?:

Yes, to Cave Star.

Previous Level:

Squawks Ride.

Next Level:

Iggy the Demented

Stage Gimmick:

A puzzle stage where you push around crates.



Power-Ups & Items:



Demo 7

Maze Cave 1 is the seventh level of World 4. A somewhat confusing puzzle level involving crates.

This level has a secret exit, leading to a Warp Star.

Level overview[]

At the beginning, head right and enter the hole in the wall. As you enter, you'll see a crate fall into a small pit. Don't worry about it, get behind the other one a few screens after it and push it downwards.

The crate will be pushed by the current. Once it stops, get on top of it and go inside the hole. On the other side, head towards the top right and into the next hole.

Once you're in, drop down, then head to the right and push the crate towards the water current. The crate will float in the water, serving as a platform. Use it to get in the small corridor above.

Follow the path left and push the crate downwards and towards the leftmost hole. Go in, on the other side, head to the top left hole. You'll fall on the goal orb.

Secret Exit[]

Do as you would to get the normal exit, however, after you've pushed the crate downwards to enter the bottom left hole in the second room, enter it, then go back out the same hole.

Quickly run to the left and get underneath the falling crate. The passage underneath it has a hole in the end. On the other side, go left and in the other hole. Be on your toes for this one, as it leads to the first room.

You'll land right in front of the first crate in the level. Quickly push it back against the current, and towards the bottom right hole. Once you're in the bottom right hole, go right to find the goal post. Going left leads you to the entrance of the stage, so be wary.

Asset Sources[]


Maze Cave 1 uses the sewer stage graphics from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island.


Horrible Shadow from Romancing SaGa is this stage's background music.

Level Names[]

Version Name
Japanese めいろどうくつ1 (Meiro doukutsu 1)

Maze Cave 1

English (TBD)