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Marx is a character/boss that appears in Brutal Mario. The player fights him first time aside Nova and second time only him.


Marx made his first appearance in as the final boss in Kirby Super Star during the Milky Way Wishes sub game. Where he tricks Kirby to summon the comet Nova to steal a wish.


Milky Way Wishes[]

In Demo 6 and Demo 7.5 Marx appears in the Milky Way Wishes stage as a boss.

The Scrapped Marx Boss

Marx in Demo 6

Demo 6[]

In this Demo, Marx's arena is accompanied by two star blocks on each side of the screen which can be used as platforms. Marx's moves set are tweaked from Kirby Super Star.


  • Teleportation
  • Planting a seed in the ground which launches multiples vines from the ground
  • Throwing two cutters out in a boomerang fashion
  • Bursting upwards from the ground
  • Spitting out a bomb which launches two ice waves opposite of each other to the end of the screen
  • Spitting out a laser from his mouth


Most of Marx's attacks can be avoided by jumping over them in good timing, these includes the ice waves, laser, and cutters. Makes sure you don't touch the bomb or seed their way down. For the vines and upward attack move out the way, signals appear where they will appear. Attack by normal or spin jumping on Marx's head when they're low enough. Note that the upwards and laser attack will make him invulnerable to this.

Demo 7.5[]

In this reimagined version of the level, Marx is first confronted in his small form with Nova in a shooter boss segment. After Nova's defeat Marx proceeds to snatch the player and morph into his winged form, leading to the battle. Upon defeat he is eat by Kirby thus beginning the Marx Kirby battle. In this fight Mario will always have a cape feather even if he's hit.

Once again, the moves set for Marx is based on attacks from Kirby Super Star.


  • Shooting Stars (Nova Battle Only)
  • Teleporting
  • Ice Bombs (can now do this multiple times in a row)
  • Swooping down from above
  • Creating a Black Hole
  • Tiny Marx Copies
  • Plant a seed (it now sprouts only one vine)
  • Mouth Laser
  • Shoot a barrage of arrows
  • split himself in half
  • drops prisms from his wings
  • Cutters that bounce
Prism Marx

Marx dropping prisms from his wings


During the Nova fight make sure you avoid the stars but don't let them distract you from the other obstacles. Focus on Nova as Marx is invincible during this fight. Like Demo 6, most of the cosmic jester's attacks can be avoided by jump, this include the arrows, vines, split attack, and ice bomb. Note that the ingle vine always sprouts in the middle and that you must jump over the part at Mario's height level. Don't jump too high or the pieces above will hit you.

Similarly with the ice bombs, be prepared to jump multiple times or float with the cape feather if Marx decides to spit multiple at a time. The split attack will lock onto you, jump over with good timing and you can get a counterattack. The prism wings can be avoided by move over in between them, likewise the black hole will not swallow you if you are far from Marx. In case you do, defeat all the Tiny Marx Copies in order to resume to the normal battle. The laser attack can only be avoided if you jump on the spring before it's let loose. The spring will be destroyed after the attack. The swooping attack can be avoided by jumping but can also lead to another counterattack if land on Marx's head. The cutters must be avoided until disappearing, as they now bounce throughout the entire screen.


Tiny Marx with Nova


  • Marx is the sixth Kirby boss fought in both Demo 6 and Demo 7.5
  • He is one of the few bosses that Mario gains a health bar for
  • The sprites for him and his levels are taken from Kirby Super Star
  • His death animation in Demo 6 is a edited sprite
  • The Music in the level is Meddlesome Marx from Kirby Super Star
  • While Marx's attacks are from his origin game, Demo 6 is more faithful to the original work as Demo 7.5 enhances these attacks to be more challenging