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Mario (formerly known as Jumpman) is the main character and anti-hero of Brutal Mario, as well as the long-running hero of the Mario franchise.

Mario and Yoshi SMW

Mario, riding on Yoshi


Because of Mario saving the Mushroom Kingdom a countless amount of times, Mario was declared the king of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, being in a king's position, was hungry for power and went insane. This resulted in Mario becoming an evil tyrant that turned the Mushroom Kingdom into a ruined land.

Desiring more riches, he aimed to take over Bowser's kingdom, and thus he departed. Little did he know, the Mushroom Kingdom's citizens had something planned for him.

He had travelled far and wide, conquering Bowser and his Koopalings' kingdoms with the assistance of the Yoshies. While conquering the Star Road and Special Zone, he was suddenly ambushed. A Toad from the Mushroom Kingdom army came to punish Mario on the Princess' behalf.

After defeating him, Mario rushed to Yoshi's House. It was now in ruins, thanks to the Toads. After thrashing the Mushroom Kingdom's latest invention, Mario went to his old homeland to exact revenge.

Gazing upon the ruined kingdom, he saw Luigi and Peach's castle looming over the horizon...

So far, this is all that is known about the plot. The plot shall be continued with later demos and the final version.


Mario has a short, chubby build. For clothes, Mario always wears a red hat with an M on it, a red shirt, gloves, blue overalls and brown work shoes. And of course, we can't forget his moustache.


Mario is basically your average hero. A bold and powerful figure that is strong in the heart, but weak in the mind. He's usually out saving the Princess and the Kingdom from Bowser with the help of his friends. However, things decided to take a weirder turn for this game.