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Mammon Machine
Mario engaged in battle with the Mammon Machine.




Deep Sea Ruins


Chrono Trigger

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Morton Koopa Jr.

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King K. Rool


2/10 (very easy)

The Mammon Machine (まじんき Majinki, Demon Machine) is the first boss of Deep Sea Ruins. It is the seventh boss fought in the game.


WARNING! WARNING! The below section contains spoilers for Chrono Trigger!

The Mammon Machine originated from Chrono Trigger.

Created by the Three Gurus to take advantage of Lavos' power in an attempt to help Queen Zeal achieve immortality, her greed and obsession ended up corrupting her.

Forcing her daughter, and the princess of Zeal, Schala to use her pendant to power up the machine to further her goal at the Ocean Palace, the Queen ended up triggering Lavos' awakening, which would cause an apocalypse in the year 1999. Crono and his party attempted to reach the Ocean Palace to save Schala, but were too late, and were transported to 65 Million BC.

Later on, the remains of the machine are found in the Black Omen, Queen Zeal's personal aircraft and the last dungeon of the game (if you didn't challenge Lavos earlier, that is).

In Battle[]

Majinki cycles through three attacks:

  • Blue: Creates a waterfall, causing Mario to go below the floor.
  • Red: Fires a laser that scans the floor.
  • Green: Fires a line of green blobs.


When Majinki sends the player below the floor, the player must get a blue block. Then, they must swim back up to the platform, and hit Majinki with it. Drain its health bar, and it'll be defeated.


  • Majinki is the first boss of the game to have a health bar.
  • Majinki is the first boss to cross into another game series, in this case the Chrono series.
  • It being found in Deep Sea Ruins is supposed to be a reference to it being found in the Ocean Palace in Chrono Trigger. The original Japanese name of the level was the same as the dungeon.

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