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MM&B Wily Machine
MM&B Wily Machine
Mario vs the Wily Machine.



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MM&B Wily Capsule


Megaman & Bass


5/10 (medium)

The Megaman & Bass Wily Machine is the 7th boss fought in the level Wily's Revenge and the 66th boss fought in the game


This machine was used by Doctor Wily looks very simiietylar to the used in Megaman 8, but the design and attacks are slightly different.


The Machine have a variety of attacks including the used by the Doc Robots:

  • Ramming on you
  • Launch a spinning wheel
  • Launch a jumping spinning wheel
  • Ice Wall
  • Flame Blast
  • Firebal
  • Leaf Shield
  • Blaster
  • Jumping on you

At beginning of the battle will attack mainly ramming on you and launch spinning wheels, to damage it, you need to create the Fire Wheel attack (using Flame Wall when the Leaf Shield is active).

After several blows will use constantly the abilities of the Doc Robots (some of them can be blocked by the Leaf Shield), near the end of the battle will try of crush (by Jumping on you) after approximately 10 blows the machine is defeated, and the battle with MM&B Wily Capsule will start.