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MM&B Wily Capsule
MM&B Wily Capsule
Mario vs the Wily Capsule.



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Megaman & Bass


5/10 (medium)

The Megaman & Bass Wily Capsule is the 8th boss fought in the level Wily's Revenge and the 67th boss fought in the game.


This capsule was used by Doctor Wily in the game Megaman & Bass.


The battle have various phases, in the beginning takes place in a dark room with nine screens, the capsule will attack only by shooting a laser (which can be blocked by the Leaf Shield) and generating explosions

Later the screens will on and show a image and the scenario will change first to a room filled with water, later to a room with fire, and finally to a room with snow (which can hurt Mario).

In these rooms the capsule will become invisible and only will appear by a pair of seconds to launch a energy ball, in each room Mario must deliver three blows.

Later of that the battle will end in the initial dark room, where only must deliver a blow to defeat it and Doctor Wily will surrender.