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5/10 (normal)

Ludwig von Koopa is a boss that appears in Ludwig's Castle, which is located in the 7th world in the game. He was the 4th boss in the original Super Mario World however.


Ludwig is the oldest of the 7 Koopalings, usually considered to be the most intelligent. He was named after famous classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven

In Battle[]

Once you enter the boss door, you'll find yourself in an icy room with spikes underneath you. Walk to the right and eventually the platforms beside you vanish, leaving you with only a few blocks of space. Ludwig will come out and the fight begins.

Ludwig's attack pattern is fairly limited: either he will

  • Spit two fireballs (the first one is slower than the other!)
  • Move in his shell from side to side

You have to use the Ring Boomerang you obtained from Ring Man earlier in the level on Ludwig. This will give you a heart (This will act as a Grab Block). If Ludwig is out of his shell, you can hit him with the heart and he will be punched back onto the spikes. Do this one more time and the second phase starts.

Now Ludwig will float to the top of the screen: He can

  • Move around on the top of the stage and then swing low (use this to get the heart from him again)
  • Drop five fireballs from the top of the screen, which will go back up once they have reached the bottom

Once you got the heart, drop it in the place where the 3rd/middle fireball was and the heart will go up to hit Ludwig. Now repeat what you've already learned to finish the boss.