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Blue Lightgazer
Lightgazer looming over Mario


Boss's Number


Four-Color Fort


Trials of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 3)

Previous Boss

Roy the Crafty

Next Boss

Zable Fahr


5/10 (normal)

Lightgazer is a boss that appears in Four-Color Fort. It is the (boss's number) boss fought in the game.


From the Wiki of Mana:

Lightgazer was described as being an "incarnation of disaster" that existed before the world had been fully born. It wrought destruction on existence until the Goddess of Mana defeated it with the Sword of Mana and sealed it away inside the Mana Stone of Light.

In Battle[]

Lightgazer starts by bouncing around the room. After a few bounces, he will shoot a spread of eyeballs towards Mario. After a few more bounces, he fires off a disco shell. Finally, he will slowly dissipate, but but before he disappears he drops a feather. In a coupke of seconds he will respawn, and repeat the whole process.

Also notice that Lightgazer comes in four different flavors: green, yellow, red, and blue. Every time he respawns, he changes his color.


First, you need to have a cape feather, which Lightgazer generously gives out. Then when he summons a disco shell, you have to cape spin the shell so it can be used as a projectile. You have to hit Lightgazer's eye, but it will only damage him when the color of the shell matches the color of him. Three hits and Lightgazer will be vaporize.