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The world map shows Mario's journey and progress. So far, there are 90 levels in the entire game(91 if you count the alternate Yoshi's House as a separate stage). Here is a legend of the world map:

The Types of Levels in the Game.
Photo Name Description
Overworld Demo and Onwards - Yoshi's House
Yoshi's House The starting level in the game, it changes when the Special World is beaten. The OW graphic is of the Boathouse in 1000 AD, from Chrono Trigger.
Normal Level Tile
Normal Level A normal level is the default design for levels. The player must traverse these levels in order to unlock the next level. Normal levels resemble yellow ovals on the ground.
Double Exit Level Tile
Double Exit Level Double Exit levels are just like normal levels, except that they have a second, secret exit.
Overworld Demo and Onwards - Castle
Koopaling Castle Koopaling Castles are the castles at the end of each world. Each Castle houses a different Koopaling. The Castles also usually hold a Red Door, a Dragon Orb, a Secret Exit (Lemmy's Castle and Ludwig's Castle only), and a Boss (Besides the Koopalings). The OW graphic is of the boss stages from Donkey Kong Country 2.
Overworld Demo and Onwards - Ghost House
Ghost House Ghost Houses are special levels filled with Boos. Big Boo will sometimes appear as a boss in Ghost Houses. The OW graphic is of the villages from Romancing SaGa 2.
Overworld Demo and Onwards - Fort
Fort Forts are special levels that appear seven times. Forts usually contain multiple Doors and are mazelike. The OW graphic is of the Ancient Library from Final Fantasy V, but with the roof recolored red (it was originally light blue).
Overworld Demo and Onwards - Star World Level Tile
Inactive Warp Star A special type of level that only appears in the Star Road, All of them have a secret exit that turns the Warp Star active (except for Valley Star and Special Warp Star).