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Lady Bow is a boss in Brutal Mario. She is the last boss fought in Mirage Palace and 46th boss fought in the game.


Lady Bow
Mario talking to Lady Bow in Brutal Mario ( Demo 7.5 only )


Mirage Palace


Paper Mario

Previous boss:

Dark Lich

Next boss:

Giant Ninji


5/10 (normal)

In Paper Mario, she is the leader of the boos in Boo's Mansion.

In Brutal Mario, After you "defeat" Dark Lich, you'll go through a maze next to the Boss Door, crossing a maze of skulls, until you reach towers with doors. If you arrive in the middle, another tower will rise up that you can enter where Lady Bow is. Mario asks her if she can help defeat Dark Lich, she accepts, and she defeats the Dark Lich.

But after that she says that she would never help you, and the battle begins.


She shoots fireballs straight down in the beginning of the battle, but drops a block that can be thrown at her. After some block throwing, she summons an eye that attacks you with fireballs.

For her next phase, she attacks with Boos. Following that, she goes to the background and shoots big fireballs. For her final stage, she is at maximum size, and tries to crush you.

After six blocks are thrown at her, Lady Bow will be sent flying towards the background, ending the fight and level respectively.


Textbox 1: My, aren't you a cute ghost! How are you doing? Wanna have some tea with me?
Textbox 2: Hmm? Some bully's out there? Don't worry! He should be a peace of cake for me to take down. Just show him to me!
Textbox 3: What?! You were a human all along! How dare you play with my heart! I'll never forgive you!