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The Koopa Bros.
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Roy's Castle


Paper Mario

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The Koopa Bros. are a boss fount in Roy's Castle. They are the 30th boss fought in the game.


The Koopa Bros. made their debut in Paper Mario. Bowser hired them to protect the first Star Spirit. Mario along with friends would soon thwart them, and they would be trapped in their own prison.

In Battle[]

The boss is fairly similar to the original. Originally you would fight them throughout the castle as separate mini-bosses, but now they come together as one. They start by forming a tower, then they huddle in their shells, and sweep the floor left and right. Eventually they will stop briefly, and will resume their rolling if not hit. If they are hit, they separate and use their signature attacks:

  • Green rolls towards Mario in his shell, don't get fooled as he can be stomped in his shell
  • Yellow jumps and create quakes
  • Red shoots fireballs that bounce on the ground
  • Blacks bounces toward Mario in his shell, don't get fooled as he can be stomped in his shell like his green counterpart


You must hit the Koopa Bros. when the take a brief break of rolling around. Each individual Koopa only needs one hit to kill, but be careful not to get flustered by all of their attacks at once.

After they finished spinning, they will stop for a brief second, and STOMP on them to scatter them, and stomp on them! (Suggestion: do not touch the ground, quakes and fireballs are the main hazard, use the way how you get 1 ups by stomping enemies without touching the ground to defeat this boss)

Koopa Bros' Original Appearance in Paper Mario