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Map of Kitiku Island

Kitiku Island is the setting of Brutal Mario. Mario travels across the vast land in his quest to thwart Bowser.

The island is in the form of a mountain. The bottom left consists of a grassland with a beach, as well as a small plateau. The bottom right consists of a forest, with a beach cliff. Between the grassland and forest is a bay. Inside the mountain is a cave, which can be accessed by a hidden entrance in the waterfall. Midway up the mountain there is more grasslands and some rocky areas, as well as a small lake to the right. The top of the mountain is a snowy peak, as well as where the waterfall starts. Also at the very top is the entrance to Bowser's Valley.


Main Worlds[]

  1. Grassland
  2. Forest
  3. Bay
  4. Cave
  5. Plains
  6. Sky
  7. Summit
  8. Bowser's Valley
  9. Luigi's World

Bonus Worlds[]

  1. Star Road
  2. Special World