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Mario and Kirby's first encounter


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Dedede's Sky Castle, Milky Way Wishes (Indirectly mentioned in A Beautiful Journey)


Kirby Super Star

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King Dedede

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3/10 (easy) P1 5/10 (normal) P2

Kirby is a character/boss that appears in Brutal Mario. The player fights him a few different times throughout the game.


Kirby is the star warrior of Dreamland, Pop Star, and its universe, protecting the land from foreign invaders. However, in Brutal Mario, Kirby is the enemy, possibly possessed by Bowser.


A Beautiful Journey[]

Although Kirby doesn't appear in this level, the player uses his flying ability to traverse the level.

Dedede's Sky Castle[]

Phase I[]

After the player defeats King Dedede, player goes into the room Kirby is sleeping in. Kirby sees the player riding Yoshi, and demands to have the "green donkey", thus beginning the battle.

This fight isn't too difficult. Kirby jumps around, ground pounding and sending shockwaves with his rock ability. But Yoshi can fight back with his own ground pound. Use the ground pound to stun Kirby, then proceed to eat him.

Kirby will then get angry, and proceed with the next part of the fight. The player will be sent to the top of the fortress, only to fight a newly giant Kirby.

Phase II[]

This is the true form of Kirby. The castle crumbles before Mario and Yoshi as they look up at the rising Giant Kirby.

Some of the rocks falling will create gaps in the arena. Kirby will aim towards Mario, and fire flaming fireballs. After getting damaged enough, he will move closer to the duo. More rocks will fall, creating more gaps in the arena.

Throughout the fight you will see Yoshi eggs strapped to balloons; you'll need to collect them to beat Kirby. When you collect an egg, press the R button to aim the egg, and R again to launch it. You will need some precision to hit him; aim too high or too low and the egg will miss. After several hits, he will descend.

Milky Way Wishes[]

Marx Kirby

After the player defeats Marx, Kirby will step in and eat Marx, absorbing his ability, and proceeds to kill Mario.

This boss is a hyped up version of Marx. He fires more boomerangs and will pop up from the ground.

The player has to hit kirby when he comes up from the ground. He doen't have very much health, so 2-3 hits should do the trick.

As a last resort, Kirby summons a black hole, only to get himself sucked in. Probably the last time Mario will see him...


  • The first encounter with Kirby is a carbon copy on the final boss of Yoshi's Island, in which Yoshi and Baby Mario fight a small Baby Bowser, and later a gargantuous one.
  • This is probably the most known boss of this hack, aside from the Koopaling Fusion.