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Giant Wiggler
Giant Wiggler
Mario head-top-toe with the enlarged caterpillar.




Careful! Lightning!


Super Mario World

Previous Boss

Chomp Shark

Next Boss

Whispy Woods


3/10 (easy)

Giant Wiggler is a secret boss that appears in Careful! Lightning!. It is the 23rd boss fought in the game.


Wigglers originate from SMW. When Mario jumps on their head, they became very angry and chase after the plumber.

In Battle[]

The boss fight isn't too difficult at first. All he does is walk back and forth. After getting hit one, he gets angry and moves around faster. He eventually cools down, then proceeds to walk on the walls and ceiling. Getting hit again causes him to speed up once more. But after cooling down, his body breaks into segments and scatter and bounce all around the room, making the fight somewhat frantic.


The player simply needs to hit the wiggler on its head. A mushroom might be need after the second hit, as the chances of getting hit by one of his segments is likely. Once you give him one last bop, he will drop the key.