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Shenlong and the Orbs.

A Dragon Orb is a special item in Brutal Mario. Although they are optional, they will give the player a special reward if all of them are collected.


There are seven Dragon Orbs, each in a Koopalings' Castle. Each are in a secret location, well hidden by the Koopalings:

  1. Lemmy the Hikikomori: In the room with the Lemmy border, you will see a blue coin at the bottom of the screen. Jumping into that pit will lead you to a secret route that leads to the first orb.
  2. Morton the NEET: In the beginning of the second room, fly up to the ceiling, and you will find a pipe that leads to the second orb.
  3. Wendy the Gal: In the second room, you will notice a gray current that you can't surpass. After dodging the Torpedo Teds, you will find two purple blocks. Use the blocks to swim back to the current and surpass it. Careful, as you only have two tries per life. After surpassing the current you will find the third orb.
  4. Iggy the Demented: In the beginning of the auto-scrolling room, immediately run to the left, and enter the door. There, the fourth orb will lie.
  5. Abode of Larry: This one is tricky. When you are fighting Big Boo 2, you defeat him while he is red. You must get hold two shells and throw them simultaneously at him. For that you will get the fifth orb.
  6. Roy the Crafty: You will see a pipe that is out of your reach. There is a cloud that forms a staircase, but it will just fall into the abyss if you hit it. There is actually a SECOND cloud, concealed above screen right before the first one. Just keep hitting a purple block above your view and you should eventually hit it. Once then, the sixth orb can be accessed.
  7. Ludwig's Castle: First, you need to find the secret boss. Find a one-block gap and drop into it; you should then find the entrance. When you enter the boss room, immediately run to the left. Not only does this bypass fighting the boss to get the secret exit, but it will take you to the seventh and final orb.

Take them to Bowser's Castle and...??[]

After finding all the orbs, go to Finish! Bowser Keep, and head into the door at the beginning. You will see all your orbs, and the dragon Shenlong will be summon. He will grant you one, and only ONE, of these wishes, so choose wisely:

  1. Gain temporary invincibility by pressing L. Only works once per level.
  2. Unlimited Yoshi wings per level.
  3. A door that leads right to Bowser.
  4. Be warped to the incomplete final boss (Does NOT work).

Super Kitiku Mario (Brutal Mario)- Seven dragon orbs collected

All Dragon Orbs collected


The collection of the seven orbs is a reference to Dragon Ball Z, which has the identical concept.