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Doc Robot
Mario Vs Cold Robot
Mario vs the Doc Robot with Cold Man powers.



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Megaman 3



The Doc Robots are a group of 4 enemies fought in Wily's Revenge


In Mega Man 3 they were created by Doctor Wily to copy the behavior and abilities of other robots, installing the program data of them on him.

Doc Robot # 1[]

He has the program data of Cold Man (a character of Mega Man & Bass), the battle is easy his attacks are:

  • Jump
  • Ice Wall

Mario must avoid his constantly Ice Wall attack and jump on him six times to defeat him (and he will obtain the cold man ability in the process))

Doc Robot # 2[]

Mario vs Flame Robot

The battle with the Flame Robot.

He has the programs data of Flame Man (a character of Megaman 6), the battle is more difficult than the first one, his attacks:

  • Jump
  • Flame Blast
  • Fireball

In first instance he will attack with Flame Blast, later he will shoot fireballs and jump.

Mario must use the Ice Wall to damage him after 8 blows he will be defeated

Doc Robot # 3[]

Mario vs Wood Robot

The battle with the Wood Robot.

He has the program data of Wood Man (a character of Megaman 2) this is the toughest battle his attacks:

  • Jump
  • Leafs
  • Leaf Shield

The area to move is extremely small and Mario must jump over 4 vines above of a floor filled with spikes.

Over every vines will fall one leafs (difficult to avoid) and later he will launch his leaf shield and Jump (which can cause you fell over the spikes and instantly die).

When is climbing the vine Mario must use the Flame Wall in the instant in which he launch Leaf Shield and have luck in later he jumps fell in the fire, after 3 three blows he is defeated.

Doc Robot # 4[]

Mario vs Bright Robot

The battle with the Bright Robot.

He has the program data of Bright Man (a character of Megaman 4) this battle is easier than the previous one, his attacks

  • Jump
  • Blaster
  • Flash Stopper

He will use his blaster (Mario can use the Leaf Shield to protect himself), later he will use his Flash Stopper and Jump.

The Flash Stopper effect (apparently) can be avoided (or at least minimized) for be in the air, to defeat him Mario must hurt him 9 times with the Leaf Shield.