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Many demos of the hack exists, showing the progress Carol has made. Currently, 11 official and 5 unofficial demos exist. They can all be found in the Downloads Page.

List of Demos[]

2006 - Demo 6 - The earliest know demo, worlds 1 - 6 are completed and World 7 ends at the to be continued castle.

2006 - Demo 6.5 - More levels are added and some of the are replaced, scrapped or placed somewhere else.

2007 - Demo 7 - Worlds 1 - 7 are completed, Bowser's Valley is mostly complete and some levels are replaced. Reproduction carts are of this version because the custom music added in Demo 7.5 breaks on real hardware.

2008 - Demo 7.5 - Custom music is added, the Star Road is almost completed, the Special Zone only has one level remaining. More levels are added, some early levels are replaced, Mirage Palace is added and Bowser Keep is halfway finished.

2008 - Overworld Demo - A new Overworld is added with graphics from Akumajou Dracula XX, Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2, Donkey Kong Country 3, Kirby The Amazing Mirror, Romancing SaGa 3, Seiken Densetu 3, Custom Drawn and maybe others.

2008 - FF6 Demo - New level from Chrono Trigger, where you shoot Bullet Bills until you reach the ship and fight two bosses from FF5, and Bowser's Castle's fire section is almost finished.

2008 - 7hero Demo - Bowser's Castle is finished, a new boss, the Seven Koopalings, is finished, but a little buggy. The new Bowser battle is finished and World 8 is complete.

2009 - Final Boss Demo - Seven Koopalings boss is completely finished.

2012 - demoOnly1 - Athletic Special is added, a new Lemmy boss added. The Special Zone is complete and english is added.

2015 - 1-1 Demo - First level, now called 'Hey, I am Mario!,' is completely remade.

The Hoaxes:[]

In May 2014, just before Thirteen's edits had been released, a Brutal Mario wiki user claimed he was working with Carol to complete Brutal Mario. This wasn't true, as he was attempting to finish Brutal Mario himself. This was discovered when SMW Central made a IP search and WHODIDYOUTHINKITWAS's IP matched with TheGuyWhoDoesNothing's and the Brutal Mario Wiki's users Thirteen1355 and Theonesuperx saw the 'translation' of the patches he made was actually taken from the old version of Thirteen1355's edits, who were published a half year ago.

Here they are:

2014 - Demo 5 - A joke hack that WHODIDYOUTHINKITWAS / Areaofdoom made to try to convince this wiki's users that he is working with Carol.

2014 - Skill - Test your skills level added to Luigi's World that replaces glitchy thunder level.

2014 - restL - Rest of Luigi's World finished besides last two levels. New status bar added. New player and enemy graphics added. VWF Dialogues added. Entire game 'translated' to English.