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Dark Lich
Dark Lich
The almighty Dark Lich


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Mirage Palace


Trials of Mana

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Dragon Emperor

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'Lady Bow


8/10 (insane)

Dark Lich is a boss that appears in Mirage Palace. He is the last guardian before Bowser's Castle, and is the 45th boss fought in the game.


The Dark Lich is one of the three possible final bosses in Trials of Mana. The Lich was originally known as Belgar, the Masked Mage. He worked for the Priest of Light in the holy city Wendel. After he failed to cure a girl's illness, he went to search for power.

He discovered the dark magic of necromancy, and continued to descend into the darkness. He became much more powerful than ever before. Now, he has set his sights on the Mana Tree, the source of the world of Mana.

In Battle[]

Dark Lich has four different phases:

  1. He has two different attacks: Sends fast lightning bolts where Mario stands, and summons four orbs that aim towards Mario. He also summons two hats, one that has a throwing block.
  2. The arena becomes a mirage, and he enlist the help of an Angry Sun. While Dark Lich summons fire from the sides of the screen, the Sun will try to ram Mario. A little after, Dark Lichs summons spiraling rocks. Eventually, the sun will drop a throwing block, along with fast rays of light.
  3. The arena is engulfed in water. Bubbles come from below, which contain feathers and throwing blocks. As well, Dark Lich summons two Scarfies That fire lasers.
  4. He makes a few holes in the arena, and summons two lightning bolts that go back and forth. From the holes, Podoboos and throwing blocks spew up.


This is a very challenging fight. Each phase requires two hits to move to the next. You will need to memorize and be careful. Her are some tips:

  • When he summons the lightning bolts, go to one end of the screen and walk to the other side.
  • When he summons the four orbs, stand in the middle.When the orbs take fire, jump and duck for the first two, and repeat for the last two.
  • Watch out for the bubbles; they will bounce you around.
  • In the fourth phase, sometimes when a throwing block comes up, it can hit Dark Lich without any effort.

But after defeating him, he steals Mario's body and makes him fall out of the arena. You will need to traverse the blue flames get Lady Bow's help, who will eat Dark Lich for you.