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Chomp Chomp Panic 2 (ワンワンパニック2 Wanwanpanikku 2) is the second level of World 6. This is also the sequel of Chomp Chomp Panic 1.

The Level[]

The level here is a Super Mario Bros. 3 and a Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island reference level. In this level, everything is larger than you. The level also has a Super Mario Bros. 3 custom, poison mushrooms. In the second part of the level, a Chomp is eating all and trying to kill you. Try to avoid it until you see the Warp Pipe. Enter the warp pipe, and there's the goal.

Dragon Coins[]

There are no Dragon Coins in this level.


  1. Green Koopa
  2. Goomba
  3. Piranha Plant
  4. Green Paratroopa
  5. Spiny
  6. Fat Hammer Bro.
  7. Chomp


The level uses graphics and tiles mainly from Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island although there are tiles that came from Super Mario World too.


SaGa Frontier's "Junk" is played throughout the level.