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Chargin' Chuck
Art superMarioWorldCharginChuck
The cartoon art of a Chuck.
First Game Super Mario World (1990)
Homeland Dinosaur Land
Origin Super Mario World
Attack(s) Baseballs
Dirt Balls
Defeated by Fireballs

 Chucks are enemies that debuted in Super Mario World, and looks like the Koopa equivalent of a football player. They have a variety of attacks and sports based weaponry, such as baseballs and footballs.



Chargin' Chucks are a type of Koopa who wear American football gear. They are similar to those in the Super Mario World cartoon, right down to the distinctive black koopa shell, football cleats, and signature helmet guard.

Specialty Chucks[]

The following are seven behavior variations of Chargin' Chuck.

  • Chargin' Chuck: The most common of the Chucks, he will just run at either Mario brother, leaping up walls just to give them a taste of his lethal football shoulderpads. All other specialty chucks revert to this tactic when initially jumped on.
  • Leapin' Chuck: These chucks just love to jump. Sometimes they remain in place, timing each jump to meet Mario's or Luigi's, other times they bound after the protagonists with intimidating altitude.
  • Splittin' Chuck: Trained in the illusionary arts, a single chuck of this kind may split into three common Chargin' Chucks, each as good at their job as any other.
  • Pitchin' Chuck: Unlike previous three, this one does not pursue his foe. Instead, he pitches endless beanballs at one of the bros., intending to walk whichever to first base in crutches.
  • Diggin' Chuck: Found only in caves due to their abundancy of heavy rocks, this Chuck will shovel boulder after boulder out of the ground, and into the bros' path.
  • Puntin' Chuck: Said to be the most treacherous, he punts unlimited footballs at Mario. Given their oblong shape, their bounce pattern is tricky to maneuver.
  • Whistlin' Chuck: Rarest of the specialties, these chucks have the remarkable ability to whistle loud and clear, even underwater. This alarming sound acts as a Call to Arms, alerting sleeping or absent enemies of the brothers' approach.


Super Mario series[]

Brutal Mario[]

Chucks were used frequently by Bowser, likely for their strategic intelligence and traits of koopa leadership. Gameplay speaking, they are somewhat tougher than most enemies, as they take three hits to defeat (or four fireballs). However, a flip of a cape sends them off the screen in a jiffy, thus becoming their weakness. Also, Yoshis are incapable of engulfing them, likely due to their superior training, or equipment; against popular claims, size does not seem to be the issue. They are defeated by three jumps.