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The cave (どうくつ, doukutsu) is the fourth world Mario encounters. It has eight stages: four normal ones, one ghost house, one fortress, one switch palace and one castle.


World 4 is first entered through a cavern behind the waterfall of World 3. The world takes place in an area that's identical to the Chimp Caverns area in Donkey Kong Country.

The Skull Coaster resides next to the river, the Horror House near a bridge, where the Mirror Fort and Red Switch Palace can be found, the ladder leads to Squawks Ride, and the building above the exit leads to Iggy's castle.

Underneath the bridge resides one of the four pipes to the Mushroom Kingdom.


Secret Levels[]

Scrapped Levels[]


Graphics & Music[]

The map graphics in this World are the western half of the Chimp Caverns map from Donkey Kong Country. The world number sign uses the tablet graphics from Chrono Trigger.

A Bell is Tolling from Secret of Mana plays on this map.