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Castle Crush
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Japanese Name:

クラッシュエレベーター (Kurasshu erebētā).



Previous Level:

Where is This?.

Next Level:

Lift Go! 1.

Alternate Level:



Blue Koopa,Hammer Bro., Red Paratroopa, Chargin' Chuck, Boo.


Doom Wall.

Power-Ups & Items:

Super Mushroom and Cape Fleater.


Demo 6, Demo 6.5, Demo 7.

Castle Crush (クラッシュエレベーター Kurasshu erebētā, lit. Crush Elevator) is the ninth level of World 5. This is also the second fortress introduced in World 5. This level comes after Where is This?

This is the fourteenth level to have a secret exit.

The Level[]

The level begins with a rising floor. Use the rising floor to progress through the level. After a few seconds, you will encounter a Red Door with a Blue Koopa. Just keep going up until you reach the boss door. To defeat this level, you must defeat the boss.

Secret Exit[]

Do everything in the normal exit until you reach the area with a single coin. Go left to the said coin and you will reveal a secret path with some vines. Use it to reach the top. Don't go to the boss door. Instead go down in the pit right next to the door and you will reveal a warp pipe. Use the rising floor to enter the warp pipe to reach the Key and Keyhole which will trigger the access to a Star Warp, a warp to Star World.

Dragon Coins[]

All Dragon Coins appear before the boss door of Doom Wall.


  1. Blue Koopa
  2. Hammer Bro.
  3. Red Paratroopa
  4. Chargin' Chuck
  5. Boo


Doom Wall

Doom Wall is the boss of this level. He will release magic now and then. To defeat him, you must stomp it's real eye. The real eye only appears when he releases 4 pairs of magic. After hitting the eye 3 times, the real eye will seperate from Doom Wall. Hit it only 1 time, as the hit defeats Doom Wall.


The tiles came from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island while the background came from Super Mario World.


"Fear Factory" from Donkey Kong Country is played throughout the level.