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Super Kitiku Mario (Brutal Mario) - Trailer

On this page, you can find all the Brutal/Kitiku Mario related downloads. There are many demos of this game, and there's actually no real complete version.

Brutal/Kitiku Mario is a Super Mario World hack made by Carol, someone who amazed us with his ASM skills.

Demo Information

These are the most well-known demo's:

Demo 7 (Brutal Mario): The most well known demo of them all. This is the only translated demo. It goes from World 1 to World 8. 

Demo 7.5 (Cheap Demo): This is the last officially distributed demo. It shows many of the Special World levels.

Demo 8 (7hero): This rom shows a new version of World 8. But unfortunately, none of the levels except for the final Castle can be beaten, as they have gone messed-up with the implementation of the Seven Koopalings. This version also has the famous 'Seven Koopalings' boss in it, based on Romancing SaGa's Seven Heroes.

Brutal Mario Fan Made Completion (by Thirteen1355)

Super Kitiku (Brutal) Mario: Part 1: A version of the Cheap Demo in which you can access all levels of the game! All eight Worlds, along with the Star Road, Special, and the Luigi World (Except for the middle path, which is available in part 3)! Everything is smoothly translated into English, with normal alphabetic characters.

Super Kitiku (Brutal) Mario: Part 2 - Bowser's Castle: This rom features the full castle as it would have been, including the Seven Koopalings "Final" Boss! Oh, and don't forget to jump when Bowser rams through the floor!

Super Kitiku (Brutal) Mario: Part 3 - Luigi's World: This is another extra part of the game, which features the middle path of the Luigi World. As the levels of the Luigi World have never been made, Thirteen 1355 included levels from another great Japanese rom hack called SMWYEAH! which has some great features in it (including a Luigi boss!).

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Well, these are the official download links for Super Kitiku Mario!


Demo 6:

Demo 6.5:

Demo 7:

Demo 7 Unofficial Translation:

Demo 7 MSU-1 patch:

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Demo 7.5:

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FF6 Demo:

7hero Demo:

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1-1 Demo: