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A Bonus World is a world that does not have to be completed in order to reach the To Be Continued Level (In Demo 7). Two Bonus Worlds exist. The first one leads to the second one, and beating the second one creates a Warp Pipe in World 1, leading to the Middle path of Luigi's World (that was Carol's plan, at least).

List of Bonus Worlds[]

Star Road[]

The Star Road is a world that is shaped like an X and is full of Warp Star levels. If the player beats one of these levels via the normal exit, the path to the next level will be unlocked, if the player beats the level via Secret Exit, the level will turn into a Warp Star leading to the corresponding world. The second-to-last star is a To Be Continued Level in Demo 7. The Warp Star that leads to the Special World has a unfinished Star Boss.


  1. Grassland Star
  2. Forest Star
  3. Bay Star
  4. Cave Star
  5. Plains Star
  6. Sky Star
  7. Snow Star
  8. Valley Star
  9. Special Warp Star

Special World[]

The Special Zone is a world that can be accessed by completing the Secret Exit of Special Warp Star. Most of Special World's levels are glitchy or incomplete and with nothing special at the end (In Demo 7). When the player beats the last level of the Special World, the Overworld's colors change and the Yoshi's House changes to a level with many toads and dead Yoshis. Beating the Toad's House will unlock the pipe that leads to middle path in Luigi's World.


  1. Aquatic Special
  2. Ghost Special
  3. Athletic Special
  4. Milky Way Wishes
  5. Baby Yoshi Hill
  6. Twinbee Special
  7. Wily's Revenge
  8. End of Special Zone

Graphics and Music[]

The graphics used in the Star Road are from the game . The graphics in the Special World are taken from .

The music played in the Star Road is "Corridors of Time" from Chrono Trigger. The music on the Special World map is "The Opening of a Journey" from SaGa Frontier.