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Big Boo
Big Boo
Mario against Big Boo Boss (in Intangible House).


3, 4, and 11


Intangible House
The Cursed Mansion
Four-Room House


Super Mario World

Previous Boss:

Lemmy Koopa

Next Boss:

After Intangible House: Big Boo Boss/
Boom-Boom (Scrapped)
After Cursed Mansion: Mecha Mario
After Four-Room House: Boom Boom


3/10 (Easy)

Big Boo Boss is a recurring boss that appears in Intangible House, The Cursed Mansion, and Four-Room House. He is the tird, fourth, and eleventh boss in the game.


Big Boo Boss originated from Super Mario World, exactly how he was.

In Battle[]

Big Boo Boss will fly around the screen. When he gets hit, he turns invisible, becoming invincible to any hit.


Intangible House[]

In order to deal damage, the player must hit the Boo with a blue block. After three hits, the Boo will be defeated.

The Cursed Mansion[]

Before fighting the Boo, the player must collect all the Dragon Coins. Hit the Boo first with a Koopa shell, then the two blue blocks (spin jump the regular bricks to access them).

Four-Room House[]

Instead of using blue blocks, the player must used various objects that are throw-able: a P-Switch, key, and Koopa shell (must be unlocked).


  • Big Boo Boss is the most reoccurring boss in the game.