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Battleship Halberd
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Japanese Name:

せんかんハルバード Senkan Harubādo


Bowser's Valley.

Previous Level:

Ludwig's Castle.

Next Level:

Airborne Cemetery.

Alternate Level:



Reactor and Meta Knight.

Power-Ups & Items:

Mushroom, Cape Feather, Fire Flower.



Power-Ups & Items:

Mushroom and Fire Flower


Demo 6, Demo 6.5, Demo 7.

Battleship Halberd (せんかんハルバード / Senkan Harubādo) is one of the levels in Brutal Mario, based on the Kirby games. Here, you get to fight a boss whose name is Meta Knight.


This level is based on the "Revenge of Meta Knight" minigame from Kirby Super Star. The first part is a lakeside area with enemies from the aforementioned game. The second part is a cutscene, in which Mario flies on a Warp Star. In the third part, Mario gets off the warp star and boards Meta Knight's airship, the titular Halberd. For the final part, Mario fights Meta Knight and Kirby.


All of this level's background, tiles and enemies are borrowed from Kirby Super Star.


The music in the first half is "Grape Garden" from Kirby Super Star. The music in the beginning of the third half when Mario flies and bumps on the warp star is the "Stage Start" theme from all Megaman originals.